What would it take to win?

Someone asked me the other day what it would take to win GO Make A Difference. Simple answer? A group who has a great project and an awesome video. ‘yeah thanks for that’ was the reply ‘So longer answer?’

Well I’m thinking the winners will probably get someone from the local police involved and really find something that needs tackling in their community. They will be a real tight group with a mix of ages and different skills. And – perhaps surprising as I’m talking about the winning group – I reckon they will be more interested in completing their project and making a real difference than winning the competition. It will be a genuine project, one that changes the community first and then wins the Award. Motivation and attitude show through .

We’ll see if I’m right in October at the awards afternoon, but one thing I’m pretty sure about, the winning group will actually be surprised. Not just because they’ve won, but because of what they’ve managed to achieve in their community. I’m genuinely excited – because I’ve seen what young people can do. And it’s impressive. Can’t wait to watch the videos.

Phil Gleave
Redeeming Our Communities

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