What is ‘Go Make a Difference’?

Go Make a Difference is a campaign designed to inspire youth workers to lead groups of young people wanting to make a difference in their local community. It presents an opportunity for young people to be recognised for the positive contribution that they make – and disprove the view that ‘young people are only interested in themselves’.

When can I start?

You can register as soon as you have a project idea, however your project can’t start before 01 May and must be completed no later than 01 September 2017. Once you’ve registered, you can use the time before 1st May to start recruiting your group and planning your community project.

What will it cost?

To enter the competition costs nothing. But to participate is going to cost you time and energy as you bring all the skills and qualities you usually use with your group and focus them on achieving something different together.

Of course, it may cost your group to travel to the final … but you’ve got to earn your place first!

How do I register my group?

Group members must be 11-18 years on 1st May 2017.
But before you register your group, let’s just check you have all the information you need to enter

  • Your name, address, contact number and email
  • Your current DBS certificate number
  • The name, address, contact number and email of any additional Group Leader
  • Your Group Name
  • The approximate size of your group
  • A very brief description of your community project
  • Your Project location
  • The approximate start and finish date of your project

As Group Leader you’ll need to confirm that you have a valid DBS certificate, Public Liability Insurance cover and are taking full responsibility for your group by accepting the Terms and Conditions of entry.

Once registered, don’t forget to check out all the useful resources in the footer section of our website.