Winning Groups Announced!

We are delighted to announce the National Champion and winners of special awards for GO Make A Difference 2017!

The judges from ROC, CPA, Urban Saints and YFC were excited and impressed by what you have achieved together.

Congratulations to all our group members for your amazing efforts and our thanks to all the group leaders – without you none of this would have been possible.

National Champions:
LiNX Christian Youth Trust

Connecting Generations Award:
The Hub

Changing Landscape Award:
NCS – Blackpool Communities Trust

Public Service Award:

Effective Prevention Award:
Generation Hope

Creative Engagement Award:
Liquid Youth Group

The GO Make A Difference partners would particularly like to thank the Police & Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Alison Hernandez; the Police & Crime Commissioner for Kent, Matthew Scott; Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney and the National Police Chief’s Council; The Devon & Cornwall Police and Kent Police for their support of the GO Make A Difference Awards.

Our Summer competition is hotting up

From across the UK, groups of young people are entering Go and Make A Difference in their local community and every time a team registers for the competition we’re getting more excited.

Switched on youth leaders are looking at what their groups are already involved in – and where it impacts the community they are encouraging their young people to get involved as part of the campaign.

We want to celebrate what young people contribute to their community so we’re delighted to register the groups and encourage them over the summer. There is nothing ‘too simple’ and the competition is judged on what made ‘the biggest impact in their local community’. An area covered in litter can be cleared by enthusiastic young people in a matter of hours, but the impact can be incredible (don’t forget the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots). It may be that you have a specific need in your community and your group do something new to meet that need. A great example is the group who realised a lot of older folk were socially isolated so they arranged a ‘holiday at home’ afternoon and then persuaded their parents to provide transport to and from the event – talk about inter-generational work!

Just in case you need some pump-priming inspiration, don’t forget to download our ‘101 Community Action ideas’.

Whatever your young people are doing this summer, if it Makes A Difference to your local community then register your group and let us celebrate their work. You’ve nothing to lose – but there’s plenty to win.

Phil Gleave
Project Director

5 Reasons to Go Make A Difference this Summer

We understand the incredible amount of dedication and effort Youth Leaders invest in planning and engaging with youth groups. To help – we’ve created ‘Go Make A Difference’ – a free to enter national competition complete with awards, prizes and resources to complement your summer youth schedule and make a lasting difference in your community.

Here’s 5 reasons you should Go MAD this summer…

1. Actually making a difference
Empower your youth group to get out and go make a difference using a campaign format that is designed around initiative, tangible results and deserved recognition for positive contribution.

2. Access to project resources
To help shape your summer Youth programme schedule, we’ve collated a number of resources to support and inspire your project. This includes a comprehensive Leaders Guide, example safeguarding forms and 101 community ideas to help kick-start your groups creative input.

3. Maximum impact & support
We’ve partnered with the CPA (Christian Police Association) who are on hand for any groups wanting to connect with local community officers and get help identifying relevant issues that need addressing in your community. The project also has the backing of Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, National lead for young people and the NPPC – National Police Chief’s Council.

4. Gain the trust of your community
Being active in your local community goes a long way to breaking the stigma that young people are only interested in themselves. This is a chance for your group to be seen taking the initiative by actively researching and tackling real issues that make a difference to the community they live in.

5. Put your youth group on the map & win promotion and prizes
Send us updates throughout the course of your project via our website and we’ll help promote the great work you’re doing through our various media channels. If your group goes on to win the competition, in addition to the £1000 prize that will be handed out on awards day – your story could be translated into a professionally produced promotional video to help celebrate and raise the profile of your Youth Group.